A Funny Dream.

Charlie J. Mitchell
2 min readMay 28, 2021

Then I dreamed a funny dream.
I was everywhere out there,
Making quite a scene.
I was contraire without care,
Lungs stealing air,
Feet left bare.

I was a howl on open road
A lover to many others,
I was stuck in hopin’ mode.
I was none other than your brother
A child missing mother
Yours, if not
Hey Charlie! This invoice has been paid.

Yes, I dreamed a funny dream.
That I’d never part with Freedom’s heart.
I was lonely in the
Do you think we can afford a two-bedroom?
Still kissing you for art.
Hold you precious as
When would you like to set your next appointment?

But I guess all dreams have to
Three more months on the principle and then
We leave a little behind at the
so happy to accommodate you
Is that the price of
stand to lose a few more
Did we ever just
your package will arrive in
our lust?
Could it ever be
approved for our premier plan.

I guess it was all a funny dream
A child’s hope still holding out
That in between the noise
I could find a little room
To wonder at the sky
Run from my youth
Hold your hands
Challenge truth
Wait for God
Pray for me
All is lost
Would it
For me
If you

There’s this new deal at the village, we should eat there sometime!



Charlie J. Mitchell

A traveling writer from Austin, Texas. I write stories and poems.