Hello, dear Reader. Thank you for visiting my Medium page. Here, you will find original poems and stories of varying lengths. I am currently working on a few novels, which should appear here in one form or another. Originally from and frequently residing in Austin, Texas, I am a long-haired, poorly-dressed hippie. I am also a writer. I'm not the best at social media, and am, admittedly, self-ostracized from any kind of social circle. So I would like to apologize in advance in the event that I am not the most consistent or interactive writer. Sadly, I am a cliché hermit. With that in mind, I am very appreciative of every comment, "clap", highlight, and criticism that comes my way, and hope that you get as much from my writing as I do. I know that reading is an investment. Your time, attention, and kind words are not lost on me. I hope that much is always clear.


Charlie J. Mitchell

A traveling writer from Austin, Texas. I write stories and poems.