Life On Mars

I live in a bedroom
On the surface of Mars
From the telescope at my window
I can almost count the stars

Most day it’s pretty warm here
The weather hasn’t changed
I guess it’s good I’m good with red
Because that’s the color that everything stays

Some days I hunt for flowers
Or call out my old friends’ names
But whether it’s for minutes or for hours
The echo always sounds the same

I remember what it was like
To feel the breeze and fall on green
And I hold on to a memory
Of us laughing something mean

I never remember the joke
But I’ll always remember the day
The naivety of our joy
Still makes me laugh until I cry another Martian night away.

It’s been five years since I took off
And abandoned my home planet
Not a day has gone by
That I haven’t second guessed it

There isn’t much to do
Aside from work to stay alive
I guess that’s all we ever did
But here on Mars, it’s hard to know why.

I’ve tried pointing my telescope
At the place we used to live
But all I see is Earth’s dark side
No matter how long I watch it drift

I guess it’s not too bad here
I’ve got plenty of stuff to do
But I will always remember
The childhood I spent with you.



A traveling writer from Austin, Texas. I write stories and poems.

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